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About me

Ever since I was young I've had a special interest in languages. I have my roots in the south of the Netherlands, where I lived in a small town near the German border. Since our television had more German channels than Dutch channels, I grew up on all those brilliant series from the 1980s (Knight Rider, the A-Team, Dukes of Hazzard) dubbed in German. At that time I didn't like that all, but looking back I'd say it served me well as it greatly helped me in learning German on a later age. Besides being used to hearing German on the television on a young age, I've been corresponding in English with my American uncle since the age of 8. 

That really triggered me to learn another language, so after leaving high school I decided to study Portuguese. When I was abroad during my studies, Portugal and especially the city of Oporto stole my heart. I learned to appreciate the food and wines and gained some friends for life - so I still go as back as often as I can. 

Besides a translator, I'm also husband to a wife and father of two daughters. I like to read (a lot) about World War II, the Vietnam War and history in general. Besides reading I'm addicted to music - I've been playing bass since I was 14 and have been in a band with my best friends for almost 20 years. I'm als a huge movie and tv series fan - among my favorites are mainly series to a historic background like Da Vinci's Demons, Marco Polo, the Borgias, Ripper Street and Black Sails, but I also really appreciate more modern series like Gomorrah and Narcos. Last but not least, I'm an avid sports fan and I like to attend a football game with my friends every now and then.

Please feel free to download my CV (on the right of this page) for more information on my education and professional experiences.